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This blog contains spoilers although they are tagged 99% of the time. I don't fuck around with petty fandom bullshit so do yourself the favor and don't even bother trying that shit on me. This show is dedicated to my favorite TV shows and my thoughts on them. WARNING: I might accidentally reblog gay porn. I'm prone to mishaps and shit happens. 

Josh in that purple shirt can TAKE me!!! 😍

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The Originals → Episode stills 2x01”Rebirth”

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Can we please go back to the times where everybody was happy for all the ships?

I hope the fandom is still there and if not, we gotta do some clean up. I haven’t checked in during the hiatus but I’m not dealing with that ship war crap. 

I love how these obsessed Arrow fans who hate Katie like talking about how she’s such a diva behind set even though most cast members seem to love her. 

Which one is known for openly admitting to walking out on promotional work for Arrow because they didn’t like the posing?

Which one is known for openly attacking a critic of Arrow who has done nothing but constructively criticize the show? 

Oh wait, that’s not the thing people want to talk about because Stephen Amell was just being “assertive”. Katie’s diva behavior which has absolutely no evidence to it at all is the one that these losers want to go on and on about. 

After telling Laurel such a big secret that ended up saving Starling City, how can Slade and Laurel NOT have a scene together? I hope it’s a sex scene.

Arrow Binge-Watch -- The Disaster of Laurel Lance

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-I’ve been wondering about this whole Laurel Lance fiasco (should your reaction to your estranged parents spending time together and getting along well really be “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?”). I kind of wonder if there was meant to be some built-in obsolescence with the character. I mean, she’s…

Andrew Kreisberg is one of the creators of Arrow and he’s notorious for screwing over Green Arrow/Black Canary and Black Canary in the past. People HATE his work, but he was allowed to write a show about them anyways. 

She kind of gets the reboot treatment in Season Two by both the writers and Katie Cassidy. It’s very messy at first but it comes together. 

Arrow Fandom After Dark

Anyone else interested in talking about our fetish headcanons for the Arrow ladies?

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Stephen Amell at Fan Expo 2014. (x)

I hope a Laurel ship takes off so I can see people write explicit sexual fanfics for her too *sobs*

‘Arrow’ casts ‘Carrie Diaries’ alum as love interest for Thea |

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