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So of all the shows I watch, Arrow is the one with a shit load of spoilers. Not surprised, they love giving shit away. Rant under the cut.

My problem is where are the Laurel spoilers?

I’m stoked about Felicity getting her own episode, and getting her background. This is something I’ve been waiting for since she became part of the team, and I hope we get more than one flashback.

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I seriously think about who they’re goig to kill off in S3 all the time. And I always tell myself that I hope it’s nobody because I love them all so much… But now you just reminded me that Roy Harper still exists. I still haven’t wrapped my head around his existence. It’s better off that way.

Paul Blackthrone, Manu Bennett, and Katie Cassidy all at one convention on one panel. My OTP and my FamTP *sobs*


Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy hugging. Father and daughter love :D 
Dragon*Con 31 August 2014

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Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy hugging. Father and daughter love :D 

Dragon*Con 31 August 2014

"hi, i hv a question. why those so called laurel fans talking shit abt olicity rather than talking abt theories how LL will meet Wild cat, how will be her journey this season,when it will be beliveable to make her bc? good/bad buzz is buzz, their BS abt olicity will not help L. im an oliciter who likes L. i cant expect olicity fans to make possible theories for L, they r making theories for olicity n felicity, laurel fans should too give importance to her. shame"

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I don’t think the Laurel fandom is the type to theorize what may or may not happen anymore. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and what we got in the end was not pretty at all. They promised a lot of things before last season and we ended up getting very little content, and most of it was at the very, very end of the season. 

There’s also angry Lauriver fans. I think they should move on and stop hating Olicity so much too. Arrow is an action show not a romance show, and if they want Oliver to date Felicity, why the hell shouldn’t they? I personally will always put Laurel over ships, and I’m glad Lauriver is dead because that relationship wrecked her character.

Season Three of Medium is by far the best season so far. There are just so many episodes that go out of their way to be as compelling as possible. 

Can you believe Felicity is going to walk away from Oliver even after that kiss?

She is a girl who knows how much she’s worth. 

Like it’s so narcissistic to create a shitty villain for Green Arrow that never took off at all and then try to push that hero again years later on Arrow. This dude seriously does not learn from his complete and utter failures at all. 

A villain that does things because she’s a “crazy woman” with a crush on Oliver? Why would anybody fucking want to watch that?

Why is Andrew Kreisberg pushing his shitty ass villains onto Arrow? 

"After my run, she appeared in a fucking DC Nation short". Like bitch, that’s a fucking clue that nobody gives a flying fuck about that shitty fucking villain. Well, I know what episode to wait online for so I can skip. 

Bless this world for giving Greg and Andrew Kreisberg new shows to focus on instead Arrow. 

I <3 Marc “The Troll” Guggenheim 

He’ll give us good Laurel material next season.

Right now must suck to be a Felicity fan!!! Haha!!! Us Laurel fans won’t have to wait until the premiere to get a bunch of new scenes of our favorite character, there’s going to TONS of content in the deleted scenes section for us! Are you mad!? I bet you are. (Jk)