I want to see Oliver train Felicity into a field hacker. Did you see how fun the finale episodes were when Felicity wasn’t just sitting behind a computer? She fucking ran a bitch over, rescued Diggle, and injected the cure into Slade.

Oliver will get heart attack even thinking about it but I think it’ll be fun!

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I’m too lazy to check but does anybody remember the episodes where Laurel’s pictures appears on the island?

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Trying to do a set of edits but this Oliver pre-island hair. I want to choke him to death like this is a hate crime on my eyes to see this 

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Anonymous said: hi! i noticed you said you didnt like olicity at first, so I was just curious what was it that made you ship our two favorite idiots? :) <33

Honestly, I just didn’t think they were serious about Olicity and I don’t want to watch Oliver and Felicity have shipper moments if they never pay off in some way. That’s just me. I’m still not even close to the biggest fan but I really like them now that I know it’s real. I might become a bigger fan once I see S3 Oliver though because I’ve always loved Felicity, I need to see him be worthy of her next season to be a big fan.

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Like a butterfly, you are attracted to flashy colors






How did Moira know that Malcolm trained with the league of assassins?

I want that answered.
( not Olicity but tagged so I could get an answer)

Someone mentioned Nanda Parbat (I think one of his employees) and then she investigated from there.


Anonymous said: Racist for not shipping Delicity??? That's a joke. I shipped Diggle with Sara...

People are desperate to hate Olicity. I didn’t always like Olicity either but it’s just wrong as hell to accuse people of racism just because fandom shit. Like I get it, fandom can be racist as hell, but you’ve gotta come up with the evidence and you’ve gotta be saying it genuinely. It’s not just “You like Olicity therefore you are racist”. It doesn’t work like that.

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Maybe I’ve just blocked all the right ppl but…


… isn’t it amazing how quickly the ‘Laurel is Manhunter’ theorists have STFU since Ted Grant was announced?

LMAO these people will NEVER stop.

I don’t know how many times the writers have to say The Canary and Black Canary are not the same people at all. They will always feel so insecure about Sara like idgi at all.


Anonymous said: I'm curious, because I love reading your meta and opinions about Arrow, what you think the writers did wrong with Laurel Lance (or if they did anything wrong at all)? Because a majority of Arrow viewers (including me) don't have that special connection to Laurel as they do with other characters. I'm sort of.. apathetic about her? I understand her purpose and what they were trying to but but.. it fell flat? Thank you! I just love getting new perspectives and I enjoy reading yours. (:


Honestly? I think the biggest mistake the writers made when it came to Laurel was that they were writing an idea, not a person.

They had this image in their head of who Laurel Lance SHOULD be - upright, honorable, beautiful, tenacious, a seeker of justice, someone who looks out for the little guy, faithful, and forgiving. That’s a LOT to put on any one person. And they tried to get that all across straight off the bat, and what we ended up getting, instead of a real, living, breathing character, was a two dimensional concept of their vision for Laurel instead.

They didn’t give her faults - she was lofty and untouchable, and because of that, unrelatable to most.

(Btw, here’s where I developed an issue with the viewers, when it came to Laurel. Because she was unrelatable, people decided that she was annoying/boring/stuck up/pretentious, etc, which was never true, People just found it hard to connect to her.)

I think they caught on by the end of season one where the issue had been, and they tried to balance that out. Only they went to far. Where Laurel had been unrelatable before, by virtue of her virtue, in season two, the writers made it worse by sending her on a complete downward spiral, giving her faults and problems beyond what the average person experiences, making it even MORE difficult for the audience to connect to her than before.

But here’s the thing. Even though her character was so flat when compared to the other characters, all those traits they gave her? She still has those - they’re still a part of her. I love Laurel for her dedication to justice, for her fashion sense, for her willingness to put herself in danger to save someone else, and for her kick ass fight moves.

What ultimately humanized her, I think, was Sara. Because finally, there was something pretty much everyone understood - a sister relationship, and the love they share despite everything that happened. Seeing Laurel interact with her sister, just be with her, go to dinner, hang out at Verdant, and later seeing Laurel be the big sister Sara so badly needed when she was down, was what helped people begin to relate to her so much more.

I’m excited to see where her character goes this year now that the writers and viewers have stumbled upon that side of her. I think this year is going to be great. I think moving her from being a romantic possibility for Oliver to being a close friend and partner is going to be incredible - people will be able to enjoy her without having to ignore the elephant in the room. She’ll get better dialogue (less melodramatic), more interesting interactions as an equal to Oliver, and possibly take control of her life and get her agency back.