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Grayson #001 


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Damon doesn’t even seem that sad about not being able to see Elena again. He’s already fucked Bonnie at this point or something.

The Originals had a trailer focusing almost completely on storyline and new characters. 

The Vampire Diaries had a trailer focusing on Elena’s boyfriend problems. 

Come the fuck on…

Not to mention that True Blood is literally already doing the same storyline. And then we’ll have to witness Elena try to be “bad ass” again. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. 

I want to DIE watching that new TVD trailer. It was so horrible and cringeworthy. How can they have The Originals and turn TVD into Twilight-lite? Witchy drug problems? Really?

Alison needs to save us from one these insufferable characters. I don’t care about fucking morals, I want to see Alison kill the entire fucking town, and I plan on enjoying all of it.

Why did that person say Felicity being normal isn’t important? It’s important to the dynamic between Oliver and Felicity, and it’s important to the show. Normalcy adds so much to a show about superheroes because there’s something actually there to contrast to. What the hell is the point of a League of Assassins member if everyone is a League of Assassins member? No point at all. 

He also talked shit about “normal” when referring to Laurel. If the writers are doing right by her, she’s FAR from normal. 

Like why do people want Laurel to become a hero due to PERSONAL ISSUES in her life rather than just doing the fucking right thing? What kind of jaded worlds do y’all live in?

I watched all 3 seasons of Baby Daddy that were available on Netflix. Let me just blurt out all my feelings.

I like the chemistry between Ben and Riley better but they are the most incompatible characters to ever exist and I will NEVER buy their relationship. 

Danny has always been there for Riley and he’s loved her even when she used to be fat. He’s the sweetest person in the world and I think Riley can actually be herself around Danny. Riley and Ben’s relationship is based off a fantasy that can never happen while Danny and Riley’s relationship is grounded and real. He’s been her best friends since forever for God’s sake. 

Okay done blurting stuff out. 

Twisted: Let’s sell people on our show by casting two POC leads who are love interests. Let’s also make sure to write the actual show to be a racist, white supremacist piece of shit garbage. Hey, why did our audience leave us?